Farm Animal Services

Nanango Veterinary Surgery provides the entire South Burnett region with a wide range of farm animal services. We are involved with local beef enterprises, feedlots, dairies, sheep and goat producers.

From the outset, you will benefit from our experience and familiarity in managing the complexities of production animal medicine. Our ability to perform complex surgeries and procedures on farm is enhanced by our wide range of state-of-the-art equipment.

We take our responsibilities seriously, knowing a farmer’s livestock is also their livelihood. It’s our role to help keep them healthy.


  • Farm visits—comprehensive on-farm services for large animals
  • Bull testing (ACV BBSE)
  • Bull semen collection for freezing
  • Semen storage
  • JBAS testing
  • Cow pregnancy testing (ACV tags, manual & ultrasound) & artificial insemination (AI)
  • Calving problems treated
  • General surgery
  • Disease investigations, prevention programs & advice
  • Faecal egg counts and drenching advice
  • Small ruminant pregnancy diagnosis (sheep, goats & alpacas)
  • Hoof trimming
Please call if you have any questions about our farm animal services. We are happy to discuss any aspect of vet care and can arrange an appropriate appointment with our team.
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