Equine Services



At Nanango Veterinary Surgery, we provide comprehensive equine care. Our passionate vets treat horses with the help of portable horse crushes. This enables us to perform reproductive and dental work in the safest and most effective way possible, with minimal hassle to both the horse and owner.

Our veterinary surgery at 104 Drayton Street, Nanango QLD also has a crush, loading ramp, stable and yards. This enables us to intensively treat our equine patients when required. 

If reaching the surgery is inconvenient or if your horse requires an extended stay, we perform equine work from our 25-acre facility, 7kms from town.
Our extensive range of equine animal services includes;
  • Mobile horse crush for on-farm examinations
  • Horse yards & crush facilities at our Nanango surgery & out-of-town equine facility
  • Horse breeding & artificial insemination (chilled & frozen)
  • Stallion semen collection for transport
  • Equine dentistry
  • Freeze branding
  • General surgery
  • Castrations
  • Digital radiography
  • Ultrasound examinations—tendon scanning
  • Joint injections
  • Australian Stud Book-Approved Veterinarian
  • FEI-Accredited Veterinarians