Puppy Preschool

Our Puppy Pre-school courses are a series of four sessions run once a week for four weeks.

Nanango Puppy Pre-School Classes 

Our Puppy School Classes are run out of the Surgery premises at 104 Drayton street.  

They are held in the fenced off grass area behind the surgery when the weather is nice and held in the Surgery foyer when the weather isn't so nice! 

During our puppy classes you will learn:

  • Puppy communication techniques
  • Puppy toilet training
  • How to tackle behavioural issues (Inappropriate digging, excessive barking, biting, jumping onto strangers)
  • How to settle your pup down

Commands you will learn:

Sit, Drop, Roll Over, Come, Stay, Heel plus many more!

Ages: 8wks - 16wks  (Private classes can be set up in the case your puppy is older than this age)

A new course starts around every two months. So if you want a well behaved canine, please contact the surgery on 41 631 611 to book in to our next course!


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