Our K9000 Dogwash

Open 24/7 for you to bathe your pets

Our K9000 Dogwash is a coin operated wash station that is open for clients to wash their pets whenever they wish. Sited in a safe fenced off area off our Drayton Street entrance, you can bring in your pets any time of the day for a wash, with lights for those night owl dog groomers.

  • Cost: minimum $10 fee (notes or coins) - 10 minute wash , Extra coins can be added to allow for a longer wash
  • Variety of cleaning modes for a deep coat clean (Shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick rinse, blow drying with two heat settings)
  • The water is warmed (Warmer for winter)

 It's easy, convenient, non-messy and all you need is a towel and your beloved canine! So come on down and give it try!

Note: Dog washers are asked to give a final disinfection rinse of the dogwash at the end to leave it clean and ready for the next use.

 Please let us know if you ever have any problems while washing your mates: we want everyone clean and happy!

At Nanango Vets "Our clients are our friends"

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