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"At Nanango Veterinary Surgery our clients are our friends."

One of the ways we like to assist our clients to care for their animals is to help them develop their knowledge.

We run free Seminar nights on topics of interest to help our clients understand their animals more. We try to keep the topics fresh, practical and full of new information without getting too scientific.

Our seminars start at 7pm and finish at 9pm and are held in the air-conditioned surgery treatment room. They are followed by your questions over coffee and a Tim Tam supper. There is no charge for the seminars, but it helps us if clients RSVP to help with organisation and catering.

So keep an eye on our page for upcoming seminars, we would love to see you there!!

P.S. We just have to hope we don't get an emergency caesarean at the same time!

If you have a topic you would like us to cover in a seminar, please let us know.

Upcoming Seminars

28th February 2017 - Dog Breeding Seminar

If you missed our popular dog breeding seminar in November, book in for this rerun. We had requests from a few breeders who couldn't make it so will go through the new information. We want your dog breeding programs to be the most successful they can be. Come along for the latest information on both the male and female side, as well information how we can help with semen collection, transportation or freezing, and identification of the bitches fertile period and successful breeding management. We will demonstrate the transcervical insemination technique. We know we can increase your litter sizes with these new technologies. The seminars are free and go from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and finish with supper and discussions. All are welcome but an RSVP helps us with catering.


Past Seminars

22nd November 2016 - Dog Breeding

Breeding dogs can be a hit and miss affair as there is great variation in how different bitches show heat and how successful the breeding program is.With many clients keen to breed rare, expensive or imported show breeds, there is a lot to be gained by a quality breeding management program. This seminar covered both the male and female sides of reproduction and reviewed the many ways we can be much more successful in breeding. In the male dog we covered collection of semen for AI, and chilling or freezing for transportation and storage. In the bitch, we detailed how to identify the bitches fertile period using a combination of signs, vaginal smears, progesterone testing, and vaginoscopy, then enhanced breeding proceedures like AI and transcervical insemination. We are developing into this area and so these new techniques are great advances for us. 


12th October 2016 - Beef Cattle

This seminar featured a presentation by local grazier Jim Cross. Jim detailed his extensive involvement and passion for beef production. Jim and Jenny Cross run a crossbreeding beef enterprise on country at the base of the Bunya Mountains. His involvement in numerous beef improvement groups and in reseach in the industry is really inspirational and he encouraged producers to join in some of the groups. 

Jon talked about our local annual herd management plan, Hanna talked about bull testing and the TSE/BSE (mad cow disease) surveillance post mortems where primary produces may be eligible rebates if stock fall within certain critera.  Sam presented a talk on scouring in calves covering prevention and treatment both on farm and in clinic. .  

All in attendance thought it was a very worthwhile night.


31st August 2016 - Horses (Breeding, Coughing horse, Gastric ulcers, Leg fractures)

This seminar showcased some of the recent salvage steps in saving horses with leg fractures Jon learnt after attending a Sydney conference. We displayed the range of casts and splints we have on hand here at the surgery to perform these emergency life saving procedures. Jon also shed some light on the many causes of the coughing horse any why it is not always as simple as a course of antibtiocs. Hanna gave a rounded talk on gastric ulcers in horses and Jon finished the night off by touching on horse breeding before we all enjoyed the famous jam and cream scones made by our nurse Joy.


August 2016 - Dogs (Breeding, Nutrition and Itches)

We held this seminar after the recent purchase of our own in house progesterone machine following interest from some of our dog breeder clients. During the night we talked about the benifits of utilising progesterone level monitoring to assist in natural, fresh AI or even frozen AI techniques. We had alot of interest in our new machine and have really noticed many of our clients now taking advantage of this great technology. We also talked about the all too familiar ithcy dog  causes,covering diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  With such intersted amoungst our breeders we hope to hold another in the near future.  


19th May 2015 - Arthritis seminar

We find that many of our older animals suffer a lot from arthritis and it reduces their quality of life. Dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, nearly all species.... four speakers outlined (in simple terms) the nature of arthritis, the diseases that cause it, and the many ways we can treat it and improve our animal's quality of life. We closed out with our Tim Tam supper and questions.


At Nanango Vets "Our clients are our friends"

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